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Backcountry Ski Snow Safety Essentials

Backcountry Ski Gear

There is still plenty of snow to be found this season for some great backcountry ski and snowboard adventures. Even with the slow start to the winter, I was fortunate enough to get quite a few days of backcountry skiing in across Utah and Colorado. You might just make a skier out of me yet. Baby steps. 

BYU Students Help Black Diamond Design Women’s Gear

Black Diamond BYU Student Women's Headlamp

In a somewhat novel concept, Black Diamond recently employed the brains of some female industrial design students at BYU to come up with new product ideas for women's outdoor gear. The all female BYU team interviewed a ton of hardcore female outdoors women, creating a list of innovative product ideas that the predominantly male BD product team readily admitted they "really wouldn't have thought of."

First Shot Makes Abalakov Ice Anchors Easy

Black Diamond First Shot Abalokov Thread Ice Anchor

Ice climbing season is upon us and Black Diamond has released the First Shot, a new tool that will make setting Abalakov Thread ice anchors a snap. No more struggling to estimate 45 degree angles and trying to make your two ice screw holes interconnect. The First Shot is a unique, compact guide that provides the maximum depth and strength for threaded ice anchors. 

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