Black Diamond Teams With Microsoft For Headlamp

Black Diamond headlamp

Black Diamond
has teamed up with Microsoft (yes Microsoft) to incorporate their new battery technology into Black Diamond's future line of mountaineering headlamps. Called InstaLoad, Microsoft's technology allows you to insert batteries into your headlamp in whichever direction you choose.

Microsoft InstaLoad allows you to replace your headlamp batteries without the need to line up the "+" or the "-" in any given direction. InstaLoad will work with off the shelf batteries, both disposable and rechargeable. 

The InstaLoad battery technology will require that Black Diamond replace the traditional headlamp battery contacts with those of Microsoft's patented design. At one end of the battery, the battery interfaces with either the positive contacts or the negative contacts (both present). The battery interfaces with the opposite contact at its other end. When coupled with PCB (printed circuit board) traces, proper power polarity is automatically delivered to the headlamp. 

Microsoft's InstaLoad technology will be very useful in low light conditions such as when you are loading fresh batteries into your headlamp before the big summit push or halfway up an alpine start climb and your headlamp goes dead. No more squinting at your battery cover in the freezing cold and dark to figure out proper direction, just throw in your batteries and go.  


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