Organic Bikes Dylan Bamboo Bike

Organic Bikes Dylan Bamboo Bike

Organic Bikes, a division of Wisconsin's bike shop Wheel & Sprocket, has launched their own line of sustainable bikes. Starting with the Dylan bamboo bike, this eco-friendly urban ride is perfect for your morning commute or a leisurely cruise down the bike path into town. 

The Dylan bamboo bike is available in single speed or 3 speed. The XS to XL frames feature natural laid-up bamboo main tubes and seat-stay tubing with 100% recycled alloy frame lugs and chainstay tubing.   

You can customize your Dylan bamboo bike by picking the color of your wheels, seat, grips and even the style of the handlebars.  Accessories include matching bamboo water cage, biodegradable water bottles, and bike bags made from unused Vietnamese fertilizer bags. 

Organic Bikes is soon to release the Edwin Town Bike and the Caleb Road Set which will debut at Interbike in September. The Edwin is a more utilitarian commuter bike with internally geared NuVinci hubs. These hubs don't have clicks like a normal shifter, they use centrifugal force instead. You just shift until it feels good and ride. 

The Caleb Road Set will only be sold as a frame. The Caleb will be made of solid iron bamboo from Vietnam, the strongest bamboo in the world and retail for around $500. 

The Dylan bamboo bike retails at $999 for the single speed and $1099 for the 3 speed. You can customize and order your own bamboo bike on the Organic Bikes website. 

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