Handsfree Hiking Umbrella

Handsfree hiking umbrella

German umbrella company EuroSCHIRM has designed a handsfree hiking umbrella, perfect for those rainy hikes in the Pacific Northwest or to keep you out of the sun on those desert trails. Fastening to your backpack's hip belt, the hiking umbrella leaves both your hands free to use trekking poles, check your trail map or play with your GPS. 

The handsfree hiking umbrella is made from a lightweight and highly tear-resistant polyester fabric with a Teflon coating. A telescopic fiber glass pole lets you adjust the umbrella height, up to one meter in length. With a diameter of 114 cm, the hiking umbrella is large enough to protect both you and your backpack from getting wet.  

The hiking umbrella is easily fastened to any backpack hip belt and positioned against the direction of the wind, rain or sun. Two clips fasten to your hip belt with velcro straps allowing you to switch from the right or left side. An elastic carrying loop on the umbrella handle secures your hiking umbrella into the clips on your hip belt. 

The entire umbrella frame consists of elastic and break-proof fiber glass material. The corrosion proof frame is nearly metal-free, a good idea for those possible thunderstorms in the Rockies, Alps and Sierras. 

The hiking umbrella will come in various colors as well as a special silver metallic coating for high UV protection (UPF 50+).  Available in August, the hiking umbrella will retail for around $75.

So would you wear a hiking umbrella on your next adventure? Apart from rain, I wonder how these would work in the Western Cwm on Everest or on the Kahiltna Glacier on Denali where you are prone to fry in the baking sun. 

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