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Cycling Essentials

Ten Cycling Essentials

Cycling Essentials

Although we are lucky enough to ride year round here in California, cycling season always ramps up in early summer. On the average Sunday, you will see thousands of cyclist making the pilgrimage over the Golden Gate to enjoy the hilly and scenic roads of Marin. As stated before, the following essentials list is by no means comprehensive, but these ten items accompany me on pretty much every ride.

Add Some Je Ne Sais Quoi To Your Daily Ride

Cafe Du Cycliste cycling apparel

Amongst the countless beautiful rides along the French Riviera, a new cycling apparel brand has joined the peloton. Called Café du Cycliste, what started out as a simple cycling café and a passion for the history of the sport, has evolved into an elegant looking cycling apparel brand that will add some french chic to your daily ride. 

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