Add Some Je Ne Sais Quoi To Your Daily Ride

Cafe Du Cycliste cycling apparel

Amongst the countless beautiful rides along the French Riviera, a new cycling apparel brand has joined the peloton. Called Café du Cycliste, what started out as a simple cycling café and a passion for the history of the sport, has evolved into an elegant looking cycling apparel brand that will add some french chic to your daily ride. 

Café du Cycliste was founded by André and Rémi, an Ironman triathlete and former canoe world champion respectively. A shared passion for cycling brought them to open a cycling café on the French Riviera, complete with bar and restaurant. 

Targeting the high class cyclist, à la Rapha, Café du Cycliste hopes to rid the cycling world of head to toe polyester style with their new cycling apparel line. Full of retro style and made from only high-end fabrics, the cycling apparel is elegant yet still technical enough to satisfy the hardcore cyclist. 

Cafe du Cycliste Yolanda Jersey

Classified into two collections, the Sur le Bitume series is tailored for the road. The Yolanda ($199) is a technical jersey made from merino TechnoWool that will keep you comfortable on cooler rides. Standard Café du Cycliste details include an integrated sleeve loop, 3 back pockets, zippered key pocket, iPod pocket, pump pocket, and reflective banding.

Cafe du Cycliste Simone jersey

The Sur le Zinc series is fashioned toward the urban bike commuter. The Simone short sleeve merino jersey ($151) looks like a classic polo shirt. Details include a chest pocket, 2 back pockets, pump and iPod pocket. A hidden reflective band under the collar increases your visibility when riding at night. 

Café du Cycliste sells their cycling apparel online and will ship worldwide. If you order before the end of June, the company will throw in one of their waterproof pouches to protect your phone and money on your ride. 


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