Touchscreen Friendly Knit Gloves

Agloves touchscreen friendly knit gloves

Winter may technically be over but there are still some days and specific activities where you might want a pair of lightweight knit gloves to keep your hands warm or even just protected from the sun. New Boulder, CO company Agloves has created a pair of touchscreen friendly gloves that will help you stay in contact while out on your adventures.

Touchscreens work by reacting to the natural bio-electricity in your skin. Moisture, salts and oils on your hands conduct the flow of electrons between you and your gadgets. When you put something non-conductive between you and your device, the touchscreen does not work. 

Agloves are made with silver-coated nylon fibers knitted throughout the entire glove, not just the fingertips. In addition to giving you use of all 10 fingers for the touchscreen, the silver knit gloves provide greater surface area for the natural bio-electricity in your hand.

If the tips of your fingers are not conductive enough due to dryness and cold, the bio-electricity from the palm of your hand flows through the knit glove to your fingertips to maintain your connection. The snug, lightweight design helps you text and type with better accuracy. 

The Agloves touchscreen friendly knit gloves come in one style at the moment, retailing for $17.99 from the company website. 

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