Make Any Glove Touchscreen Compatible


Snapping photos on your phone in the middle of winter not only puts you at risk of frostbite but removing your gloves all the time is downright annoying. So what are you to do? You could simply buy touchscreen compatible gloves, but what if you really like the ones you already own? Nanotips created a solution to retrofit any glove to work with your smartphone touchscreen.

Nanotips is a conductive liquid polyamide solution that transforms your favorite pair of gloves into touchscreen gloves. Formulated using nanotechnology, Nanotips mimics the touch of human skin. The solution comes in two varieties–Black for use on leather, rubber, or Gore-Tex gloves, and Blue for use on fabric and fleece gloves.

Nanotips is easy to use–simply shake the bottle to evenly distribute the nanoparticles, apply the solution to the finger(s) of choice, then dry. When applied to fabrics, Nanotips Blue soaks into the material and effectively creates a conductive chain, bridging the gap between your finger and the touchscreen device. By comparison, Nanotips Black forms a conductive grid-like film on the surface of the glove material.

Each application is semi-permanent–it can last from several weeks to months depending on the usage of your gloves. Once you start to notice the functionality wearing off, simply re-apply the solution. And yes, you can wash your gloves.

Nanotips will not alter the texture of your gloves. In terms of color, Nanotips Black is black in color while Nanotips blue is 90% transparent with a 10% sky-blue hue.

Each bottle of Nanotipsretails for $20 and can be purchased from Amazon or the company website.

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