Surf Better With Quiksilver Xplosive Boardshorts

Quiksilver Xplosive Boardshorts

Thirty years ago, Quiksilver introduced the initial concept of performance boardshorts with the release of the ST Comp. Now applying decades of innovation in fabrics, design and technology, Quiksilver has created their most high performance boardshort to date, the Reactor Xplosive.

The Reactor Xplosive Boardshort combines three different elements into one garment. The external boardshort is Quiksilver’s premium model, made from quick drying, 4-way stretch Diamond Dobby fabric. The diamond shape weave reduces skin contact by up to 30% and helps to eliminate rashes. A zippered pocket on the right leg is perfect for storing your keys while out in the surf.

The middle element is a tight fitting compression short. Anatomically shaped to provide pressure in line with your muscles movement, the compression shorts help to promote blood flow and aid in muscle recovery.

Quiksilver Reactor Xplosive Boardshort  Quiksilver Xplosive Boarshorts

The real innovation can be found on the inner layer, featuring Quiksilver’s new Xplosive Technology. Elastic taping follows the lines of force through your lower body including a top band across your spine, tensile strength through the groin and hamstrings, and pressure for the front quads.

The elastic taping acts like a sling shot, firing muscles back to your core, and sending feedback to your brain for better reaction time and control of your board. Your muscles are perfectly aligned for the twisting and driving motions involved in surfing.

The Quiksilver Reactor Xplosive Boardshorts are available worldwide and retail for £175 in the UK, and A$200 in Australia and New Zealand.

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