Quiksilver Follows Boardshorts With Full Xplosive Wetsuit

Quiksilver Xplosive Wetsuit

As a next step to the extremely popular Xplosive Boardshort launch last summer, Quiksilver has created a full wetsuit using the same underlying technology. Kelly Slater captured his 11th ASP World Championship title in San Francisco wearing the new prototype Xplosive Wetsuit last November. 

Similar to the boardshorts, the Xplosive Wetsuit features anatomically placed panels with built in rubber band like strips. These bands, or power lines as they are called, mimic the naturally occurring stretch reflexes in your body. The bands amplify your body's natural movement, accelerating your muscle response time and corresponding recoil.

With more explosive movements, you feel a heightened awareness of your extremities and more in tune with your body. The quicker you move, the quicker the Xplosive Wetsuit reacts, further enhancing the feedback loop. You may complete the same tricks on the board, but in a much smoother and more energized fashion.  

For the Xplosive Wetsuit, Quiksilver partnered with sports physiotherapist Malcolm Browne. With an ancillary goal of reducing the chance of injury, the team set out to create something that not only amplifies your movements, but enables better control of your muscles and quicker reaction to changes in body position. 

The Quiksilver Xplosive Wetsuit is currently still in prototype stage, but be on the lookout for the official launch sometime next summer. 

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