BioLogic Cipher Gloves

All the extra layers required for winter cycling usually make starting and stopping your bike app, looking at route maps, or sending a text message that much more difficult. BioLogic recently released a handful of cycling accessories to help you stay connected on your bike commute or when riding around town, regardless of weather.

The Cipher Cycling Gloves ($35) are made from a 4-way stretch softshell fabric that is not only warm, but both wind and water resistant. The placement of 3M conductive fabric on the forefinger and thumb enable the continued use of your touchscreen device without the need to remove your gloves.

Extra padding on the palms, as well as the use of grip dots, improves your comfort and bike control during your commute. A terrycloth strip on the back of the thumb makes the perfect nose wipe, extremely useful on those cold mornings and evenings. 

BioLogic Reecharge Case for iPhone

The BioLogic ReeCharge Case ($100) keeps your iPhone protected from the elements, while recharging your device at the same time. The fully sealed, heavy duty plastic case completely encloses your phone, providing full access to the touchscreen, various apps, and both the front and rear facing camera. 

An integrated lithium polymer battery restores full charge to your iPhone battery during your bike commute, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to plug in your phone overnight. ReeCharge Case accessories include the Case Bracket ($20), for mounting on your stem or handlebars, and a Dynamo Kit ($25) if you want to recharge the case battery using your own power when riding.

The BioLogic Cipher Cycling Gloves and ReeCharge Case for iPhone are available now. 


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  1. What’s it with all those lithium polymer batteries? ALmost useless! I want those things to recharge my AAs and AAAs! Also the Busch & Müller E-Werk only offers an integrated accu. While this might be beneficial for the bottom line of the company (the more proprietary stuff they sell, the bigger their margin, I guess), it’s complete rubbish for me. After 25-50 km my phone accu is usually charged, it would be neat then if I had exchangeable storage that I could charge for the night, for all the other gadgets and doodads I am carrying with me.

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