WTB Deva Saddle Review

WTB Deva SLT Saddle

During my bike fit at Studio Velo, I decided to purchase a new saddle. For over 8 years, I have been riding on the same generic Specialized saddle that came with the purchase of my bike. Needless to say, the saddle was way past its useful life and for the sake of my riding comfort, it was time to upgrade.

Colin at Studio Velo suggested I try the WTB Deva Saddle, as he was getting great feedback from many of his female riders. He told me to give the saddle at least a few weeks of riding before I formed my final impression, as it often takes awhile for your body to adapt to not only the new fit, but the new saddle proportions as well.

A saddle can make or break your cycling happiness. I learned that lesson the hard way when we forgot to bring our saddles to the Dolomites last summer. One extremely painful saddle, coupled together with a highly indifferent Italian bike shop owner, almost ruined the trip.

After only one ride, I knew instantly that the WTB Deva Saddle and I were going to get along very nicely. I have always assumed backside pain was just part of cycling, especially if you planned to be on your bike for the better part of the day. Now with the WTB Deva Saddle, however, all the pressure has moved to my sit bones, where it should have been in the first place.

The Deva is not a women's specific saddle so to speak, but the shape makes it extremely comfortable for female riders. The Deva is similar to the Devo, using the same Flex-Tuned shell (flexible yet firm) but with more superlight DNA padding and strategically placed gel inserts under the sit bones.

The trademark WTB Love Channel down the middle of the saddle helps to relieve unwanted soft tissue pressure. The shorter nose on the Deva, together with the proper seat angle, also help to relieve pressure up front and stay out of the way of your legs when pedaling. 

Bottom Line: For those riders that spend hours on the bike, the WTB Deva Saddle will keep your backside happy. The Deva Saddle is the perfect bike seat for say GranFondos, riding epic passes in the Alps, or long coastal rides.

Now if I can just remember to bring the Deva Saddle with me on our next cycling trip.

The WTB Deva Saddle comes in black or white, with a choice of either titanium or chromolly rails. The 2012 WTB Deva SLT Saddle retails for $165. 

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