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Boulder Denim

Stretch-Denim Jeans You Can Wear All Day

Boulder Denim

What if you owned a comfortable pair of jeans that you could put on in the morning, wear cycling, hiking, or climbing all day, and still look stylish for a meeting or a night out. This is the utopia promised by Boulder Denim, a new stretch-denim jean brand based in Canada.

Purpose-Built Climbing Jeans

Millet Crag Denim Capri 
Millet Crag Denim Pant

Jeans are the popular choice of pants for the dirtbag climber as they are relatively cheap, tough against the rock, and you can wear them for days on end without really noticing the dirt. After all, you aren't supposed to wash jeans every time you wear them, right? Outdoor brands are trying to add some performance characteristics to the classic cotton denim jean through the use of new fabrics and climb specific features, perhaps to justify the higher price. 

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