Stretch-Denim Jeans You Can Wear All Day

Boulder Denim

What if you owned a comfortable pair of jeans that you could put on in the morning, wear cycling, hiking, or climbing all day, and still look stylish for a meeting or a night out. This is the utopia promised by Boulder Denim, a new stretch-denim jean brand based in Canada.

Boulder Denim jeans are made from a mix of 93% Cotton, 5% Elasterell-poly, and 2% Lycra woven in a special way as to give the jeans 360-degree stretch without ending up dumpy after only a few hours. The denim is treated with a stain-repellent finish so you don’t have to wash them every time you come back from a climbing session covered in chalk.

Features include a zippered trap pocket to keep your car keys, phone, or other valuables safe while you hang upside down and reinforced stitching to guard against rips during those heel hooks. The brand even ditched the leather labels and tags to make the jeans vegan-friendly.

The Boulder Denim jeans come in 3 styles–Men’s Slim, Men’s Athletic, and Women’s Skinny. The Men’s Slim is best for men with slim to medium legs that want a tailored look (i.e., climber types). All you crossfitters and cyclists will want to head for the Men’s Athletic style that offers more thigh and calf room.

And file this in the “need to see it to believe it” category, the Women’s Skinny supposedly fits the slim to the very curvy. The brand claims that since the denim is so unbelievably stretchy, it will hug even the most curvaceous women. Right.

For a $109 pledge over on an already funded Kickstarter campaign, you can live and play in a perfect Boulder Denim world starting next March.

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