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Heat Makes Foam Rolling So Much Better


We all know foam rollers are the best friends we love to hate. But something tells me the new heated foam roller from Moji is going to make it straight to the top of your BFF list. The new MojiHeat Roller combines massage therapy and heat therapy in one elegant solution, creating a roller that delivers more and feels great.

iFit Sleep HR

Off the Bike (or Trail) Performance Tools

iFit Sleep HR

Whether you are a runner, mountain biker, backpacker, or cyclist, you can benefit from some work on yourself off the bike or the trail. All too often, we focus on improving our performance during our sport of choice without realizing that what you do outside of the sport is just as important. Here are some tools that I have found to be quite useful in my everyday recovery and overall well-being.

Pain-Free Trail Running Essentials

Trail-running essentials

Trail running- a great way to quickly get into shape but it can also be hard on your body. Over the past few months, I set out on a pain-free trail running quest and found some gear to help guide the way. Hopefully this list helps any of you suffering the same ailments and I would love to hear what works to keep you pain-free as well.

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