Heat Makes Foam Rolling So Much Better


We all know foam rollers are the best friends we love to hate. But something tells me the new heated foam roller from Moji is going to make it straight to the top of your BFF list. The new MojiHeat Roller combines massage therapy and heat therapy in one elegant solution, creating a roller that delivers more and feels great.

The MojiHeat Roller is the active recovery brand’s newest warmup, recovery, and pain relief solution — the first in a new line of Moji products providing heated massage therapy to enhance muscle health. This heated roller combines the massage benefits of traditional foam rolling with the comfort and benefits of heat therapy. Tell me this won’t make foam rolling so much more tolerable on a cold winter night.

The roller heats up within minutes in a microwave. It has been designed with a two-piece system, enabling the product to be separated into two smaller parts, fitting easily into any microwave. Twist it apart, heat it up (for about one minute), twist it back together, and you’re ready to roll — the foam roller should stay hot for approximately 15 minutes.

So what’s the big deal about adding heat to a foam roller? Rolling stretches and elongates the muscles. This helps to ease muscle tightness, soreness, and pain. Adding heat therapy reduces muscle stiffness, increases circulation, and raises tissue temperature. You get improved range of motion and faster healing. And most importantly, heat therapy feels pretty great.

Moji is running a Kickstarter campaign to take MojiHeat Roller pre-orders. You can get one for only $42, with delivery expected in May. Compare that to around $30-$40 for a regular foam roller and adding heat seems like a no brainer.

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