10 Gadget Gift Ideas

Wahoo Kickr

Coming from a technology background, I am a sucker for a good gadget. Give me something new and shiny to play with and I am happy. Here are 10 of my favorite gadgets that continue to stay in rotation after many months and even years — I am sure they will make the technology lover on your list very happy this holiday season.

Wahoo Kickr (pictured top): I used to loathe riding indoors on the trainer — I found it so boring. But after getting the Kickr last year and combining it with Zwift, I actually quite enjoy it now. On a deadline-driven day, I find myself heading to the trainer for a quick, intense workout to get the zoomies out even if I could technically ride outside. The trainer has definitely been worth the investment, if not for anything but saving my sanity.

Garmin Edge 1000

Garmin Edge 1000: I have been using this bike computer for years now for everything from daily training rides to multi-day epics like riding around Sri Lanka and Japan. It has flawlessly navigated me around pre-loaded courses such as in North Dakota, and kept me from getting lost when out on unfamiliar mountain bike trails. My only issue with it is battery life for rides close to the 100-mile mark — but how often does that happen, really?

Bryton 530

Bryton Rider 530: If someone wants a no frills bike computer but one with a super long battery life and can easily switch from bike to bike, then this is it. The compact bike computer captures all your standard ride data and gives you basic turn-by-turn directions for routes created in the Bryton app.

InReach Explorer

DeLorme inReach Explorer: A great gift for that person on your list that travels off into the wilderness on their own quite often. It will give you both peace of mind. I personally feel better about heading off on a solo bikepacking or backpacking trip knowing I can call for help in case of an emergency and that I can send regular updates on my progress or change of plans back home. Worth every penny.

Sony A6000

Sony A6000: If you want to up your Instagram game, you need a proper camera. I bought this camera last year and have been happy with my purchase ever since. Mirrorless, it’s compact and lightweight enough that you can take it anywhere, even in your jersey pocket — something that is key for an outdoor camera. I have had fun learning how to properly use all the functions, experimenting with night photography, different lenses. I am no pro, but it does take great pictures that you can easily transfer to your phone for Instagram upload.

Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2: I bought this heart rate monitor/fitness tracker for my dad last Christmas as a way for him to track his walking mileage. It’s been a great motivator as he loves getting badges —  he sends me a message every time he gets a new badge. “You walked 10,000 steps today!” The interface is super simple to use, key for someone who refuses to give up his old flip phone.


Power Practical Luminoodle: I am a firm believer that strings of lights make any place more cozy. If I could have a Christmas tree and Christmas lights up in my house year round, I would. There is no reason you can’t do that for your campsite or tent with these battery-powered LED rope lights. If you want super lightweight, tent-specific light strings, check out the mtnGLO accessory kit from Big Agnes.


Suunto Ambit3: While I love the colored touchscreen of the new Spartan Ultra, the Ambit 3 remains one of the best Suunto watches to date in my opinion.

Karma Grip

GoPro Karma Grip: On my personal wish list is this GoPro stabilizer. There is NOTHING worse than shaky action cam footage that makes you want to vomit.

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