PIQ Sensor Tracks Your Ski Performance


Swiss company PIQ created a sensor that can be used to measure your performance in a variety of sports. For skiing, the company teamed up with Rossignol to create an app that will tell you what you did right each run and where you need to improve.

More than a simple sensor, the PIQ Robot, as it is called, is a nano-computer that analyzes thousands of data points in real time. When strapped to your ski boot, the device tracks your angle, transition between turns, force, speed, and turn rate.

When paired with your phone (via Bluetooth), the Rossignol/PIQ mobile app gives you insight into your performance at the end of each run. It will show you data such as the angle of your turns, G-force, and transition times between turns from edge to edge.

The app will also keep track of your runs and how many turns you logged over the course of the winter, including your top turns of all time. For you freestylers, PIQ analyzes your jumps. including data such as airtime, rotation, and landing force.

And it wouldn’t be a proper app unless it lets you compare and social share your performance with others. After each session, find out whether you made the leaderboard for your country, your state, and even your home mountain.

The PIQ Robot Ski sensor retails for $198 and is available now.

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