The Muncher – For More Than Just Munching

The Muncher

Move over spork, here comes The Muncher. This titanium utensil can do so much more than simply help you eat ramen. Serving as a multi-tool with up to 10 different functions, The Muncher can do everything from peel potatoes to starting a fire.

The Muncher is the invention of Full Windsor, a cycling and outdoor accessory design company based in the UK. Listing the most commonly used tools involved around food and its preparation, founder Mark Windsor began the design process. With functionality at the top of the checklist, every function of the multi utensil had to work great in it own right. After a year and a half of design and hundreds of tweaks later The Muncher (a.k.a., kiwi army spork) was born.

Made from aerospace grade titanium The Muncher weighs just 0.7 ounces / 20 grams. The tip of the spork makes it an all-purpose eating utensil. Flip it around and you have a serrated butter knife ready to use for spreading or cutting. Both spork and butter knife are highly polished for a easy to clean finish. Because it is made of titanium you will experience no metallic smell or taste. Also, it does not rust like other metals.

In the middle of the utensil you will find a bottle opener, which also functions as a handy potato peeler. Next to this is a can opener and chord cutter. The end of the utensil can be used in a variety of ways, be it as a flat head screw driver, ply-bar for opening lids or even a box cutter for opening packaging.

A durable hypalon pouch keeps the utensil safely stowed away. The carabiner allows it to be attached almost anywhere for safekeeping. The pouch stows away a ferro fire-starting flint that can be used in conjunction with the angled edge of the can opener to create a spark to get your fire going wherever in the wilderness you might be.

Full Windsor is taking pre-orders for The Muncher over on Kickstarter. For $30, you, too, can be a backcountry MacGyver — the price jumps to $45 if you also want the pouch. Delivery is expected in April.

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