A Snowshoe Made Entirely from Foam

Foam Snowshoe

Remarkably light, with a rocker shape and no rotational hinge, Crescent Moon’s new all-foam sports snowshoe looks like the love child of a running shoe and a burly snow tire. While good for hiking in snow, the foam snowshoes could also be useful for hiking through deep sand.

The unusual snowshoe design uses dual-density EVA foam to form a rocker-shaped platform, while featuring tire-tread-like lugs for super traction and a look and feel that quickly evokes thoughts of a running shoe — on steroids. Lightweight, but sturdy and reliable, at 23” x 8”, this giant-sized trail shoe is as light as the word “foam” infers, and with a simple hook and loop system of straps not only goes on easily, but is secure and comfortable.

The top of the all-foam snowshoe is cushioned and cradled, providing a very comfortable sensation on even the hardest, roughest surfaces, while the bottom traction of the snowshoe is a highly durable and tough EVA composite that grips like a snow tire — with material similar to that found on football cleats.

“We’re breaking the mold on snowshoes,” says Jake Thamm, Crescent Moon Snowshoe’s President. “This is the most innovative thing in snowshoes since the aluminum frame. Our first prototypes were better than anything we expected and the most surprising thing we discovered was the traction — we felt like cats — climbing or descending anything in our path.”

The unique composition of this all-foam snowshoe makes it useful in less than ideal snow conditions – perhaps even in sandy, beach environments. Wouldn’t you love to try hiking up huge sand dunes in these?

Crescent Moon plans to officially launch the new snowshoes at Outdoor Retailer next month, with retail availability slated for Fall 2017. The price is expected to be $149 for the pair. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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