Crescent Moon Updates Foam Snowshoes

Eva V2

Just in time for the holidays and all the new snow falling across the country, Crescent Moon releases a second version of their award-winning foam snowshoe. The new Eva V2 Snowshoe blurs the line between traditional snowshoes and running shoes as it is versatile and durable in a variety of terrain.

The original Eva Foam Snowshoe ditched the traditional pivoting hinge to accommodate the rotation of your foot as you walk in favor of a rocker profile and dual density foam design. The result is not only a lighter snowshoe but one that flexes and moves with you much like a running shoe.

V2 of the Eva Foam Snowshoe enhances the capabilities of the original with a set of six rubber “tri-star points” in the Keyflex traction plate to bring added durability. Each tri-star point is equipped with ICESPIKE steel traction for improved ice grip. Additionally, the V2 utilizes an improved binding system with reinforced rubber hook and loop fasteners, for both the over-foot straps and heel strap.

foam snowshoe

“Eva is the most intuitive snowshoe on the planet because it is the only one that doesn’t require or rely upon an awkward pivoting-hinge mechanism. Instead it is a rocker that bends and flexes just like your running or hiking shoes do, which makes for a very familiar feeling,” says Jake Thamm, Crescent Moon’s co-founder and president.

The Eva Snowshoe V2 weighs 3.8 pounds per pair. The snowshoes measure eight inches wide and 24 inches long, and fit women’s size 7 feet up to men’s size 14 and is recommended for those weighing under 200 pounds.

The Eva V2 come in a few color combos and retail for $180. Once they have served their useful life, the snowshoes can be recycled through athletic shoe recycling programs.

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