Hans Florine Designs Climbing Knife Collection


All climbers know of Hans Florine. Most famous for his speed records on El Cap, including The Nose with Alex Honnold, he is a bit of an icon in Yosemite Valley. Florine recently teamed up with knife company CRKT to design a line of lightweight climbing knives and tools that are perfect for any speed ascent or climbing adventure.

An essential piece of gear in any climber’s rack is a small knife. Weighing in at 0.6 oz, the super lightweight NIAD (Nose In A Day) folding climbing knife ($39.99, picture top) features a simple two-piece design–the stainless steel blade seats flush against the titanium frame and eliminates the need for a sheath or additional parts while climbing. At the end of the knife, you will find a lanyard loop as well as a carabiner loop–when the knife is hooked on your harness via a carabiner, the biner blocks it from accidentally opening and stabbing you in the leg or cutting your gear.


Inspired by Florine’s work with the Bandaloop Vertical Dance Troupe, the 7.7 ounce Bivy multi-tool ($69.99) can be operated with one hand. With the simple push of a button, the spring-assisted pliers pop out. The multi-tool also features a locking liner safety, marlinspike, and Phillips and flathead screwdrivers.

Finally, the 1.2 ounce Hyphenate fixed blade climbing knife ($29.99) can just as easily be used for camping or other outdoor activities. It features a modified tanto blade design with a combination edge as well as an O² wrench. Two large holes in the handle help with grip and cut down on weight.

All the Hans Florine designed CRKT climbing knives will be available soon from the company website.

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