More Than Just a Cool Camp Light

Revel Light

Similar to Power Pratical’s Luminoodle light rope but up to nine times longer, the Revel Light creates a festive base camp for all your summer adventures. Throw in some survival tools built right into the light housing itself, and you have a super useful outdoor accessory.

The Revel Light is a 30-foot light rope made up of 100 waterproof LEDs that give off 350 lumens of light — the whole thing fits in the palm of your hand. The light rope is USB powered, and multiple Revel Lights can be strung together to create a 90-foot chain.

The light rope is stored in what looks like a fishing reel, complete with hand crank to quickly retract the light for storage. The rope of LEDs is wound around a spool that can easily be swapped out for a different color, or multiple spools added for an extra long light.

Within the housing unit, you’ll find a dimmer switch to control the brightness level of your Revel Light. It also houses a variety of survival tools — everything from a fire starting Ferro rod and compass to a bottle opener and functional multi-tool. A 6000 mAh solar-powered battery pack (sold separately) hooks on to the side of the housing to power the light rope, with two USB ports if you need to charge up some of your other gadgets at the same time.

The Revel Light retails for $69.99 and comes in 8 different color options — you can order the light rope now with delivery expected next month.

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