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Bike Commute Essentials

7 Bike Commute Essentials

Bike Commute Essentials

Thankfully, I don’t have to commute every day to and from work, but I do ride my bike around town to run errands, attend events, or go out at night. The following seven essentials I either currently use, or sit on my immediate wish list to round out my base bike commute kit.

Folding Cargo Bike Saves Space In Your Garage

Tern Xtracycle Cargo Joe

Two urban cycling specialists, Tern and Xtracycle, have come together to collaborate on the world's first folding cargo bike. The Cargo Joe C21 brings together the best of both companies to create the ultimate in two-wheeled urban transport, enabling you to leave your car at home. 

A Folding Two Wheeled MINI

MINI Folding Bike

BMW gives a whole new meaning to Park & Ride with the new MINI Folding Bike. Meant to be used as an extension of your car to help get you from point A all the way to point B, this folding bike fits into the trunk of almost any car, and most definitely the MINI.  

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