A Folding Two Wheeled MINI

MINI Folding Bike

BMW gives a whole new meaning to Park & Ride with the new MINI Folding Bike. Meant to be used as an extension of your car to help get you from point A all the way to point B, this folding bike fits into the trunk of almost any car, and most definitely the MINI.  

Rumor has it the MINI Folding Bike might actually be a Dahon folding bike beefed up with a few special BMW engineering tricks. Much like a Dahon, the lightweight aluminum frame collapses along the crossbar and handlebars, folding and unfolding in just a few seconds. 

For even further space saving, the comfortable gel saddle retracts and the pedals fold up. Once the bike is completely folded, the fitted sleeve that is stored under your saddle can be placed over top for easier transport.  

The MINI Folding Bike weighs less than 11 kgs ( 24 lbs) and comes equipped with 8 gears and 20 inch wheels. Front and rear mud guards will help keep you dry when riding in not so pleasant weather. A bright neon yellow bell ensures you can make your way safely through the crowded city traffic.   

MINI Folding Bike

Where the BMW engineers probably worked their magic is in the neon yellow, teflon coated chain that requires no oil. No oil means less wear and tear on components and absolutely no worry about black sludge getting all over your hands, clothes or car. 

The MINI Folding Bike will be available starting August and retail for €499. You can purchase the folding bike either from the MINI Lifestyle Shop or from select MINI dealers. 

(via Core 77)

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