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Hitcase Pro Waterproof iPhone Case Review

Hitcase ProDon't want to fork out the cash for a GoPro in order to take sweet action videos but always have your iPhone with you on your adventures? Then the Hitcase Pro
is for you. Beyond a simple rugged and waterproof iPhone case, the Hitcase Pro features a built in custom wide angle lens that expands your iPhone's field of view for capturing action camera worthy photos and videos. 

SYSTM Chisel iPhone Case Review

SYSTM Chisel iPhone Case

If you are like me, you drop your phone at least once a day. Apple accessory company Incase has released a new brand of phone cases called SYSTM that are built to be tough. I have been using the SYSTM Chisel
on my iPhone over the past couple of months of travel and outdoor adventure where it has saved my phone on numerous occasions. 

Turn Your iPhone Into A Multi-Tool

TaskOne Multi Tool iPhone Case

Most of us carry our phone with us everywhere, even outdoors. What if your phone could add more value than just playing Angry Birds to pass the time stuck in a tent? The TaskOne case turns your iPhone into a useful multi-tool, able to do everything from cook backcountry meals and fix broken gear to sawing wood for the campfire.

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