Hitcase Pro Waterproof iPhone Case Review

Hitcase ProDon't want to fork out the cash for a GoPro in order to take sweet action videos but always have your iPhone with you on your adventures? Then the Hitcase Pro
is for you. Beyond a simple rugged and waterproof iPhone case, the Hitcase Pro features a built in custom wide angle lens that expands your iPhone's field of view for capturing action camera worthy photos and videos. 

The Hitcase Pro was designed to be tough enough to handle any abuse you can throw at it, yet still give you complete access to the touchscreen so you can make a call or send a text without having to remove your phone. Stainless steel power and volume buttons are easily operated with thick gloves, while the audio port plug can be removed so you connect your headphones in non-waterproof situations. 

The Hitcase Pro can be used up to a depth of 33 ft (10 meters) thanks to the ShockSeal that provides an extra barrier over standard O-ring cases to keep both water and dust out. The ShockPad surrounds your phone with a solid wall of silicone and uses impact absorbing Poron at the back of the case. The tough ABS/Polycarbonate exterior is impact resistant with a finely textured rubberized surface for a secure grip.

Hitcase Pro ChestR Mount

Numerous rail slide tripod mount options are available for the Hitcase Pro. These mounts are GoPro compatible, meaning you can use the already existing mounts on your helmet or bike. For my spring skiing adventures, I have been testing out the ChestR Mount, as I hate having gadgets stick out the top of my head and I like access to my phone for texting and internet while on the lift. 

For those of us with female anatomy, the ChestR Mount makes it a bit difficult to get the perfect camera angle. The first videos I took at Heavenly ski resort were all shots of my ski tips instead of the unbelievably gorgeous vistas across Lake Tahoe. The next day at Northstar California, I positioned the chest mount higher and the videos turned out better, if not a little too high this time. See for yourself at the bottom. 

Ski Heavenly

Gorgeous day at Heavenly. Photo: Mike Frye

If you use your iPhone as your main camera on adventures, it can be tough to quickly pull the Hitcase Pro out of the mount in order to snap a photo, even with the supposed quick release button (that may actually be a good thing). Apart from that, I love having to carry only one device with me on my adventures for taking photos and videos, without having to worry about ruining my iPhone in the process. 

For capturing my skiing videos, I used the free Hitcase Vidometer app, which overlays your speed, altitude, shock, and G-Force- a fun bit of data to have for high speed action adventures. You don't have to use the app, however, instead you can capture photos and videos as you normally would with your iPhone.

The Hitcase Pro rugged and waterproof iPhone case retails for $129.99 and is available now. The ChestR Mount is sold separately and retails for $49.99.  

UPDATE: I used my Hitcase Pro for a variety of water sports on my recent trip to Hawaii. It worked great for snorkeling and allowed me to take fabulous turtle pictures with my iPhone. However, while SUP surfing, the case completely filled with sand and water and killed my iPhone. Ensure all the snaps are closed correctly and use at your own risk in water!


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