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LuminAID PackLite 12

LuminAID PackLite 12 Solar-Powered Lantern

LuminAID PackLite 12

I regularly use the original LuminAID solar-powered lantern on my backpacking trips. Incredibly lightweight and requiring no extra batteries, these inflatable lanterns are super fun to use and a great way to light up your tent or campsite at night. The company followed up the original ¬†Solar Light with a 2x brighter version in the PackLite 16, but now LuminAid gets ready to release a lantern that is even lighter and more packable–the PackLite 12.

An Inflatable Solar Charged Camp Light

LuminAID inflatable solar light

During Graduate School at Columbia University, students Anna Stork and Andrea Shresta set out to design a light that could make a difference to disaster relief efforts around the globe. Troubled with the unsafe conditions in tent cities brought about by the use of kerosene lamps, the two students came up with the idea for an inflatable solar light that would be both easy to transport, as well as distribute to masses of people. 

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