Alternative Power

FlameStower Fire Charger

FlameStower Fire Charger

Charging your gadgets from fire is nothing new. First there was the PowerPot, then came the BioLite Stove. The latest fire charger to hit the market is Stanford tech darling FlameStower. With perhaps the lightest thermoelectric generator device out there (7 oz.), the team is targeting the outdoor set first and foremost, with emergency and third world applications as other attractive markets. 

Fuel Cells For Charging Your Gadgets Outdoors

BRUNTON Hydrogen Reactor

Fuel cells are one of the most promising technologies when it comes to future energy solutions. Taking advantage of the latest advances, Brunton is now introducing a portable hydrogen fuel cell for use on your outdoor adventures. The Hydrogen Reactor is the size of a smartphone and charges all your gadgets like camera, phone, GPS, and even iPad via USB.

Siva Cycle Atom USB Bike Generator

Siva Cycle Atom Bike Generator

While you are riding your bike around town, commuting to work, or just cranking out a 50 mile training ride, why not harness all that energy you are burning for something good. The new Atom bike generator from Siva Cycle not only powers your lights, phone, and other gadgets as you ride, but also stores the extra energy to charge them off the bike.

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