Siva Cycle Atom USB Bike Generator

Siva Cycle Atom Bike Generator

While you are riding your bike around town, commuting to work, or just cranking out a 50 mile training ride, why not harness all that energy you are burning for something good. The new Atom bike generator from Siva Cycle not only powers your lights, phone, and other gadgets as you ride, but also stores the extra energy to charge them off the bike.

The Atom is a lightweight bike generator that features a detachable and rechargeable battery pack designed to power virtually any USB compatible gadget. As you ride, the Atom harnesses the kinetic energy you generate, either directly charging your device or storing the energy in the battery pack. 

The Atom is specifically designed to output a high quality, USB compatible 5V @ up to 500mA. Power is always delivered in a regulated manner, providing only the amount of juice your device specifically demands. Excess power goes to charge the battery or if the battery is full, is released to protect your electronics. 

The 500mA charge rate is the same as the USB 2.0 output from your computer, which means your device will go from fully flat to fully charged just as fast on the bike as it would sitting on your desk. Integrated seamlessly into the Atom's design is a 1300mAh removable battery pack that when full, will give you a 70% charge on your iPhone 5 from dead flat.  

The Atom USB bike generator mounts on most standard bicycle frames, specifically on the rear wheel of rim-brake bikes that have a minimum of 20mm of space between the rear dropout and hub flange and a hub flange of less than 3.0” in diameter. Siva claims the resulting drag is minimal. At full generating capacity, it is akin to riding with your tires at 70 psi instead of 90 psi, or pedaling up a 0.3% grade.

Adding a social angle to the business, Siva Cycle will donate one Atom to those in need for every ten sold. Details on the donations part are yet to be hashed out. For a $95 pledge on Kickstarter, you can own your very own Atom USB bike generator and detachable battery pack just in time for Christmas. 


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