Ten Useful Accessories For Your Summer Outdoor Adventures

For the past few months, I have been playing around with a bunch of accessories and have come up with a list of ten items that will be extremely useful for your outdoor adventures this summer.

Motorola Talkabout Two Way Radios

1. Motorola Talkabout: These waterproof and rugged two way radios will come in handy for so many different activities. I find them extremely useful when climbing, where one person is setting up a top rope and the other sits below, or on multi-pitch climbs where you might not be able to hear your climbing partner. I also use them skiing, hiking, and even on long bike rides where part of the group might get separated. MSRP $99.95 

Exotac nanoStriker XL

2. Exotac nanoStriker XL: Some sort of fire starting device should always be kept in your backpack. The nanoStriker Firestarter can not only be used to start a campfire, but also to light gas stoves, alcohol stoves, fuel tablets, and BBQ grills. The Ferrocerium rod and tungsten carbide striker will send sparks flying, even when wet. MSRP $32.95

Nikwax Polar Proof

3. Nikwax Polar Proof: The new Polar Proof treatment is a wash-in waterproofer for your fleece, wool, or other synthetic garments. While adding water repellency, the treatment also helps maintain the air gap between the knit and weave, keeping you warm and comfortable in addition to dry. MSRP $12.25

Beyond Coastal Sunscreen

4. Beyond Coastal Natural Sunscreen: Beyond Coastal recently revamped their sunscreen recipe to be much smoother and easier to apply. This 100% natural sunscreen blocks UVA/UVB rays using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. At the same time, the sunscreen nourishes, repairs, and hydrates your skin with aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamin C. MSRP $11.99 (2.5 oz.)

Delorme inReach SE

5. DeLorme inReach SE: The new inReach SE now offers a color screen, virtual keyboard, and expanded standalone text capabilities in addition to the usual remote tracking and interactive SOS from anywhere in the world. When paired with your smartphone, you can even gain remote access to topographic maps and NOAA charts. MSRP $299

Boreas Muir Woods 20

6. Boreas Muir Woods 20: The Muir Woods is a go-anywhere, all purpose daypack. The pack is comfortable enough for a loaded hike, but also low key enough for walking around town during your summer travels. MSRP $110

Stanley Adventure Carbonated Drink Bottle

7. Stanley Adventure Carbonated Drink Bottle: Keep your beer cold and carbonated for over three hours. Perfect for that outdoor concert or to enjoy with friends at the end of your dayhike or ride. MSRP $20

Bubba Hero Insulated Bottle

8. Bubba Bottle: The double wall vacuum insulated Hero bottle keeps your coffee hot for up to 6 hours or your sports drink cold for up to 12 hours. MSRP $18.99

ECOXBT Speakers

9. ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Speaker: Music is an important part of being outside during those warm summer days and nights. These waterproof, Bluetooth wireless speakers not only connect to your iPhone but float in case you accidentally drop them in the lake. You can even answer that incoming call from the office with the ECOXBT speakerphone functionality. MSRP $129.99

X-1 Surge waterproof headphones

10. X-1 Headphones: Durable and waterproof, the X-1 Surge headphones will keep you listening to music whether on dry land or in the water swimming, surfing, and stand up paddling. MSRP $49.99

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