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GoMotion LED Body Lamp

GoMotion LED Body Lamp

Now that it gets dark way too early in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, many of you outdoor enthusiasts are stuck exercising inside or not at all. Now you can extend the day with the GoMotion chest and waist mounted performance lighting systems and get back outside. GoMotion's patent pending CoreBeam technology incorporates a high-output, low profile LED that illuminates the width of a two-lane road at 25 feet. 

15 Gift Ideas For The Outdoor Enthusiasts On Your List

OK I know it may seem way too early to start thinking about the Holidays but the infamous Black Friday sales are only two weeks away. So if you want to score some deals, you better start getting your list together now!

Here are 15 gifts ideas, compiled from some of the coolest gear I have seen come out the past year, for those outdoor enthusiasts on your list.

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