GoMotion LED Body Lamp

GoMotion LED Body Lamp

Now that it gets dark way too early in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, many of you outdoor enthusiasts are stuck exercising inside or not at all. Now you can extend the day with the GoMotion chest and waist mounted performance lighting systems and get back outside. GoMotion's patent pending CoreBeam technology incorporates a high-output, low profile LED that illuminates the width of a two-lane road at 25 feet. 

Designed as a body lamp, the GoMotion lights have adjustable beam angles, beam width control over a wide range and three brightness level options. The GoMotion body lamp is attached to either a performance vest or belt pack. Wearing a body lamp versus a head lamp is much more stable, more comfortable and gives you way more peripheral vision and depth perception by resting below your line of sight. 

GoMotion was started in 2006 by Jonathan Craig and Bob Hunnewell, two New Englanders who were not willing to shelve their running habits during the dark winter season. Tired of wearing uncomfortable headlamps, they started to create their own make shift body lamp by throwing together a chest strap and LED light. The Company's first product, the GoMotion Vest was born soon after. 

The GoMotion product line includes the Trail
and Street Runner
vests along with the new Belt
pack version of the body lamp. In addition, a 1 Watt or 3 Watt Sternum Kit
can retrofit the GoMotion body lamp onto the shoulder straps of your own pack and a Waist Kit
will attach to your existing waist or hydration pack. Reflective trim and red flashing LED tail lights in the battery pack ensure you are visible from behind on the trail or road. 

I guess that means no more excuses for getting out there this winter!

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