BIKND Inflatable Bicycle Travel Case

BIKND Inflatable travel bicycle case

New Quebec company BIKND has developed an inflatable bicycle travel case that will help protect against damage when shipping a bike. Through the input of a pro cyclist, the patent pending Helium bike case was created for people who travel frequently with their bikes on airplanes, trains or even buses. Light and easy to carry, the Helium bicycle travel case and its revolutionary inflatable padding system offers unrivaled protection when shipping a bike. 

Using a combination of light, flexible materials and strategically positioned rigid reinforcements, the bike case weighs in at only 19.8 lbs. That means the bike case together with your bike and gear will still come in below the airline weight restrictions.  The Helium doesn't really resemble other bicycle travel cases out there either, meaning you might be able to slip it past the check in counter without paying a surcharge. 

The genius of the Helium bike case is in the details. The case includes compartments for two wheel sets and a separate compartment for stowing your helmet, shoes, bike pump and spare tubes. A proprietary anchoring system ensures the wheels will be protected and not damage the frame in transit. Crank and chainstay covers, a hammerhead fastening hub and padded stem and fork covers are just some of the additional design details of the bike case. 

The key feature of the Helium bike case is of course its network of inflatable partitions. The partitions are held in place by Velcro straps and positioned on either side of the frame. They are easily inflated via the included foot pump which hooks on to valves on either side of the case. Once you have packed all your bike components, simply inflate the partitions and throw the pump in the stowage compartment. The flexible material and inflatable padding allow the bike case to fold up small for storing upon arrival, compared to other rigid styrofoam or plastic bike cases

The Helium bicycle travel case will be available starting January 2010. At Interbike the Company was quoting a retail price of $600 but we will see what they come out at next month. 

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