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Smith Prescription Eyewear

Smith Offers One-Stop Shop Prescription Eyewear

Smith Prescription Eyewear

For those not blessed with 20/20 vision, your daily outdoor sports routine takes on an extra level of hassle–whether it’s putting in contacts in order to wear your favorite pair of sunglasses or simply giving in to not being able to ready the guidebook when out hiking. Last week, Smith announced a new online prescription eyewear program to help you see more clearly with less hassle, whether for everyday glasses wear or sun protection outdoors.


Sportviz Prescription Sports Eyewear System


As a long time wearer of prescription glasses, I continuously struggle to find the optimum setup that not only allows me to enjoy whatever sport I am participating in at the time, but also to be able to actually see. I have come to the conclusion that I have only 4 options to achieve this:

SportRx Prescription Sunglasses Review

SportRX Prescription Sunglasses

Having worn glasses for more than half my life, I spend an inordinate amount of time on eyeball management before I play any sport. From yoga and surfing to my main sports of cycling and sailing, the question always becomes: “How am I going to be able to see well while I am doing this?” Sometimes I use contacts and other times just stick to glasses and squint. In the most dire of conditions, I suck it up and go without.

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