Smith Offers One-Stop Shop Prescription Eyewear

Smith Prescription Eyewear

For those not blessed with 20/20 vision, your daily outdoor sports routine takes on an extra level of hassle–whether it’s putting in contacts in order to wear your favorite pair of sunglasses or simply giving in to not being able to ready the guidebook when out hiking. Last week, Smith announced a new online prescription eyewear program to help you see more clearly with less hassle, whether for everyday glasses wear or sun protection outdoors.

The Smith prescription program, which will start rolling out this month, is aimed at breaking through the complexity of current optical Rx lens options by offering simplified proprietary lens and frame solutions in a one-stop online shop. This means no more having to order your frames from Smith then take them to your optician for the prescription lenses.

Your path to clearer vision involves just a few easy steps.

STEP 1: Select Optical or Suglasses frame.
STEP 2: Determine which frame style and color is right for you.
STEP 3: Determine which lens is right for you. Clear for daily wear or ChromaPop for sun protection.
STEP 4: Select which lens tint is right for you–6 different tints to choose from depending on your intended use.

To begin with, Smith will offer two proprietary lens solutions:

Smith Clear RX
Smith Clear RX lenses are where style meets function, with lenses made with Trivex material and offering superior hard coating for the highest level of scratch resistance.  Additionally, the front and back colorless A/R coating provides enhanced visual performance benefits and repels water and oil with an easy to clean Hydro/Oleo-phobic coating.  Available in the following lens processing options: finished single vision, digital single vision or digital progressive with an Rx range of +4 to -5.

Smith ChromaPop Rx
Smith ChromaPop Rx is a premium, polarized lens with color and clarity enhancing benefits.  Offering optical clarity and highest level of scratch resistance, the lightweight Trivex lenses offer full color spectrum management by filtering both 480 and 580 light wavelengths, allowing you to see true color and clarity faster.  Easier on the eyes with less eye strain, they offer a colorless anti-reflective front and back, water and oil-resistant coatings and 100% UV protection. Available in the following lens processing options: digital single vision polarized and digital progressive polarized. ChromoPop Rx lenses are available with or without mirrors and are all polarized. The Rx range +3 to -5. Specific prescription range will vary by frame.

Note: Rx lens adaptors will still be available for the higher curved performance lenses (a.k.a. PivLock shield style frames) and for use in snow goggles.

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