The Nozipp Sleeping Bag

Nozipp Sleeping Bag

In the same vein as the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed, the Nozipp sleeping bag ditches all zippers in favor of magnets. As zippers can be prone to snagging and difficult to operate efficiently from inside the bag, Nozipp believes high strength, precisely aligned magnets offer a much better solution.

The Nozipp sleeping bag features super strong rare earth magnets sewn right in to the baffles to create a simple and versatile closure system. The magnets are strong enough to keep you tucked in throughout the night, but can conveniently open to take care of those annoying late night bathroom trips. The sleeping bag uses a large gusset at the top, which basically allows the two front flaps to fold over on each other. The gusset reinforces the fabric, and allows the magnets to align interchangeably.

By adding multiple rows of magnets, Nozipp created a sleeping bag that can effectively change its size. When it’s cold, you can bundle up like any normal mummy bag with the two front flaps tightly folded over each other in order to keep drafts out and warmth locked inside. But when the temperature rises, the bag can be loosely secured to give you more space inside to move around. The company claims this ability to vary the closure creates an extra wide comfort rating from 65 degrees F all the way down to 15 degrees F.

The Nozipp sleeping bag is made from a high performance ripstop nylon for the inner and outer shell. The bag is then overstuffed with an extremely lofty 850+ fill down that’s been engineered to retain heat even when wet.

The team is taking pre-orders for the Nozipp sleeping bag via an already funded Kickstarter campaign. At this moment, there are still $399 pledges available which includes access to the grilled cheese launch party in LA. For the extra tall people above 6-feet, add $20 on to your pledge to get the long version.

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