Superfeet Branches Into Footwear

Superfeet Outside Flip Flops

Earlier this week, insole company Superfeet announced their entrance into footwear with the release of the Outside flip-flop, a sandal embodying the shape and support you have come to appreciate from the brand. Stylishly clean, supportively comfortable, and rugged underfoot, the Outside flip-flop can handle every warm-weather adventure you throw its way.

If you live in Hawaii, Florida, California or even Colorado, flip-flops are generally worn year round. Even if it’s freezing cold outside. Unlike sturdy shoes, however, most flip-flops offer no arch support, heel cushioning, or shock absorption, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). This can leave you suffering foot pain or even tendonitis as the lack of support lets your foot over-flatten.

Unlike most other flip-flops that are flat and shapeless underfoot, the Outside sandal has the right amount of contour in its foot bed with a supportive shape under the arch and deep pockets to cradle the heel. The base of the flip-flop is made from a high-impact top layer that is both durable and offers some extra cushion.

A deep heel cup helps position your heel so that it naturally absorbs impact, while the resilient foam midlayer maintains the classic Superfeet shape and channels further impact away from your foot. The flip-flop straps are made from a combination of synthetic leather and neoprene and the non-marking outsole offers slip-resistant traction on wet surfaces.

The Superfeet Outside flip-flops are available for both men and women with each version coming in two different colors. The sandals will start shipping next month and retail for $59.95.

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