How To Wear Flip Flops For Almost Any Outdoor Activity

Feet Off Ground Achilles' Hitch

I can already hear the entire population of L.A. giving off a collective cheer as they learn about the new Achilles' Hitch from Feet Off Ground. By converting your flip flops into a sandal, this innovative strap enables you to wear your favorite footwear for almost any outdoor activity. 

A first here on The GearCaster, the Achilles' Hitch is made by Feet Off Ground, an outdoor brand based in Bangalore, India. With a rapidly growing outdoor community and a propensity to wear flip flops on the subcontinent, founder Aalok Bhardwaj dreamed up a way to turn hiking, running, and even climbing in the ubiquitous flip flop into any easier pursuit.

An extremely simply but utterly ingenious device, the Achilles' Hitch wraps around the back of your heel and secures over the top of your foot. The heel strap is padded for extra comfort when you are running, hiking, or even cycling, where a regular strap might cause friction. 

The hitch is very easy to attach, simply wrap around your heel with the label facing downward, twist the straps through your flip flop flaps from the inside out, then pass one end of the strap through the D loop on the other end to secure the velcro over the top of your foot. Instant sandal. 

Feet Off Ground Achilles Hitch

The Achilles' Hitch has come in handy for so many different uses- riding around town, walking through deep sand at the beach, stand up paddle boarding, even just walking around the city. Not only will the hitch keep your flip flops from falling off, it lets you relax your foot and calf muscles that you would normally have to keep engaged to secure your shoes, meaning a much more comfortable walking experience. When it is cold out, simply add some Injinji toe socks and you can continue wearing your flip flops throughout the shoulder seasons. 

The Achilles' Hitch comes in 5 different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and 3 different color options. I fit in the size M and have a size 9 foot. I have a few extra pairs, so if you want to try the flip flop hitch out for yourself, drop me an email. Otherwise, if you want to order some for you and all your friends, drop Aalok an email. You can find it on the Feet Off Ground website. 

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