Brain Sensing Sunglasses Help You Focus

Smith Focus

In sport, your ability to focus only on relevant cues in your attention field, whether internal or external, can greatly affect your performance. But this isn’t always easy. To help you develop and control your focus, Smith created a pair of brain-sensing sunglasses that give you real-time feedback on your brain’s activity level to help you develop a heightened sense of self-awareness and train your cognitive performance.

Smith’s Lowdown Focus is the first brain sensing eyewear in the world that gives you accurate, real-time feedback on your brain’s activity level during a cognitive training session with the Smith Focus App.

Invisibly wrapped in the Lowdown Focus frame are noninvasive EEG sensors that measure your brain activity and translate it into visual form on your phone. This allows you to measure and analyze your improvements as you progress through each training session in the Smith Focus App.

You can supposedly improve your cognitive performance in as little as 3 minutes a day. The app features a series of courses designed to help you learn how to use Lowdown Focus for cognitive training, and build a practice. You can choose between guided training packs for better sleep, physical performance, relaxation, and focus, with different soundscapes and session lengths from 1 minute to 3 hours long.

During each session, the Lowdown Focus measures your brain’s natural electric field from outside your head while you meditate. At the end of your session, you are presented with a graph that presents these data in a way that helps you reflect on that session. The graph divides your session into three regions:

Unfocused — this is time spent with a wandering mind. Your attention was fluctuating. Whenever you notice your active mind and bring your attention back to the breath, you are awarded with a recovery. Neutral — this is your natural resting state. Your attention isn’t fluctuating, but you aren’t deeply focused either. Focused — a deep restful focus on your breath. These are moments when you’re truly concentrated on your breath. If you’re calm for long enough, you’ll hear birds.

Whenever you notice your mind wandering and bring your attention back, you are awarded with a recovery. Recoveries celebrate the moment when your mind traverses from unfocused (wandering mind / fluctuating attention) to neutral (a natural state of rest). These are key to building the skill of focused attention and integrating the benefits of meditation into your daily life. Orange stars on your session graph display the exact moments where you recovered your attention.

At the end of each session, you are offered a program for improved performance that ultimately aids in targeting your goals and objectives for excelling in sport or combating daily stressors.

The Smith Lowdown Focus retail for $349 and are available now. The USB rechargeable battery in the sunglasses will last for 14 days on standby or 5 hours of continuous use.

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