A Polartec NeoShell Jacket For Your Dog

Aegis Dog Jacket

Dog jackets are nothing new but what about one made from the same high performance fabric you expect in your own outdoor apparel? Meet newcomer Molosser Apparel. By teaming up with Polartec, the company believes they have created the best dog jacket out there.

Started by a team of engineers, Molosser Apparel claims to be a technology-driven canine apparel company. Everything is designed, engineered, and manufactured using only the highest quality branded technical fabrics, zippers, trim elements, and state-of-the-art design tools.

The company started working on their dog jacket design back in 2014, and after winning a Polartec Apex Award last year, is finally ready to reveal the Aegis Dog Jacket to the canine world.

The Aegis Dog Jacket will keep your dog warm, comfortable, and dry thanks to the breathable, lightweight, waterproof fabrics from Polartec. The Neoshell top panel blocks 99.9% of wind to keep your dog warm, while the lower Windbloc panels are windproof, water repellent and provide a comfortable stretch. Both Neoshell and Windbloc are durable and easy to clean.

Whether you are running through a park during the day or walking with your dog on the streets at night, you’ll be more visible thanks to 3M’s Safe Reflections technology — tiny glass beads impregnated in the fabric provide 360-degree passive low-light visibility.

Molosser Apparel designed the Aegis Dog Jacket for maximum comfort, starting with an adjustable chest and underside-body gusset. They added a simple cord lock system in the collar area and elastic straps and snaps for fit and easy on/off. The whole system is watertight — even the zippers and seams.

The Aegis Dog Jacket retails for $495 (yes, you read that correctly — $495) and is available now from the company website.

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