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Build Your Own 10 Pound Foldable Kayak


Idaho engineer Chuck Corwin has spent the past 10 years designing a lightweight, foldable kayak for use on the alpine lakes around his home. Chuck finally realized his dream of creating a recreational kayak, weighing no more than ten pounds, that he can carry while hiking up to the lakes, while leaving room enough to pack all the necessities for the day. 

Point 65ºN Modular Recreational Kayak

Point 65ºN Modular Recreational Kayak

Swedish kayak maker Point 65ºN has created the Tequila, a new, modular kayak that can be broken down into two or three separate pieces. Designed with the criteria of being able to fit in the back of your car, the Tequila is a fun, versatile and high-performance recreational kayak that is easy to carry, store and haul.

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