Point 65ºN Modular Recreational Kayak

Point 65ºN Modular Recreational Kayak

Swedish kayak maker Point 65ºN has created the Tequila, a new, modular kayak that can be broken down into two or three separate pieces. Designed with the criteria of being able to fit in the back of your car, the Tequila is a fun, versatile and high-performance recreational kayak that is easy to carry, store and haul.

The Tequila modular kayak was designed by award winning Swedish engineer Magnus De Brito. Magnus has previously headed up design projects for industry heavyweights such as Porsche and Pirelli. 

Using the innovative Snap-Tap system, two separate modules can be assembled into and solo kayak and taken apart again within a matter of seconds. The fastening system uses normal snowboard bindings to secure the modules into place, making for quick and easy assembly and disassembly. The solo kayak can be transformed into a tandem by simply snapping in place a midsection module. 

The Tequila modules are engineered with lateral connecting joints that ensure the kayak is safe, stable, strong and will not break apart in the water under load. Each module is itself seaworthy and can be paddled on its own in case of an emergency. 

The recreational kayak features dry seating, water bottle holders, molded multi-foot rests, comfortable backrest and plenty of legroom and storage space. For those of you who like to fish, the kayak is designed to accommodate tackle, coolers and other basic necessities. 

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