Combination Rugged Cell Phone, GPS And Sports Computer

MiaVojo combination rugged cell phone and sports computer
German company MiaVojo has created a sophisticated device that combines a rugged cell phone with a GPS device and a sports computer. Called the MAMBO2 SE, this new sports device can be used for any activity such as cycling, hiking, or running. All of your training and GPS tracking information is automatically uploaded and stored on the MiaVojo Sport website where it can be analyzed in realtime or saved for later. 

The MAMBO2 SE acts as GPS device which calculates your position and sends it wirelessly back to the MiaVojo website. Much like a SPOT Satellite Messenger, the device can send frequent position updates which can be tracked online via a map overlay. An alarm button on the device can also be triggered in the event of an emergency and friends and family can be alerted by text message or email.  

MiaVojo rugged cell phone, gps device, sports computer

Equipped with GSM/GPRS receivers and integrated SIM card slot, the MAMBO2 SE can function as a normal cell phone. Simply slide in the existing SIM card for your cell phone service and the MAMBO2 SE will be able to make and receive calls, send text messages and upload all of your training and positioning data back to the MiaVojo website. 

The sports computer portion of the device records your training routes, speed, altitude, direction, heart rate, calories burned and duration, much like any other GPS enabled sports computer. Training data is uploaded in realtime to the website, where it can be viewed by a coach or saved for you to analyze later. 

MiaVojo sports computer, GPS device, rugged cell phone MiaVojo sports computer

The MiaVojo Sport website offers enormous amounts of functionality. You can analyze all of your training data, track the position of the MAMBO2 SE device, set your heart rate level targets, manage your phonebook and even send messages back and forth to the device via the GPRS data link, not by text. One of the funniest features has to be the "Geofence" where you or someone can be alerted via text message or online when the MAMBO2 SE device enters a certain geographical area. A good way to keep your team from heading to the local pub I think! 

The MAMBO2 SE package comes with the combination sports computer, rugged cell phone, GPS device, an ANT+ heart rate monitor strap (or you can use your own) and two years access to the MiaVojo Sport website. The MAMBO2 SE retails for €329 and can be bought from the company website.  No word yet on when they will have an English version of the MiaVojo Sport site- hopefully soon!

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