Wahoo Fitness ANT+ iPhone Sports Computer

Wahoo Fitness Fisica ANT+ Sensor

Wahoo Fitness has created a plug in sensor which interfaces your iPhone with any ANT+ compatible sensor device. More versatile than Pedal Brain, Wahoo Fitness is looking to harness the power of the iPhone as well as the application developer community to bring accurate sensor information to the everyday athlete.

The ANT+ enabled Fisica Sensor Key attaches to the bottom of your iPhone or iPod Touch and allows it to communicate with any ANT+ compatible sensor including heart rate monitors, stride sensors, speed and cadence sensors, power meters, weight scales and blood pressure monitors.

Wahoo Fitness ANT+ sports computer

In addition to the ANT+ Fisica Sensor Key, Wahoo Fitness has developed accessories such as a water resistant sensor case, bike mount, running arm and waist bands as well as their own custom made sensors including a heart rate chest strap, stride sensor for running and speed and cadence sensors for cycling.

Now your favorite iPhone apps can display physical and environmental data, turning your iPhone into a useful sports computer. Wahoo Fitness has opened up their hardware to the Apple development community for them to include the ANT+ sensor information in their apps. So now you will see popular apps such as iMapMyRide, iMapMyRun and 321 Run incorporating all your sensor data.

The Fisica Sensor Key retails for $79.99 and is available for order from the Wahoo Fitness website. The ANT+ sensors range in price from $39.99 to $69.99.

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