Skimble Helps You Plan And Track Your Active Lifestyle

 Skimble Track Your Active Lifestyle

Skimble is a new social media site that combines sports with travel and is hoping to inspire more people to live active lifestyles. On Skimble you can track your sports activities, monitor your athletic progress and share your achievements with friends to help motivate each other, all via the web or mobile phone. 

Skimble was founded last April by two climbers Maria Ly and Gabriel Vanrenen. The company was originally incubated within The Funded's Founder Institute and officially beta launched in September. The two co-founders wanted a fitness oriented social networking site that was less about weight loss and more about planning and celebrating your accomplishment of finishing an activity. 

Skimble lets you track over 15 sports and fitness activities such as running, hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, yoga and weight lifting. You earn points as you track your activities and you can compare your stats with friends on your social leaderboard. Details such as location, distance, time, pace, difficulty level and even geo-tagged action shots can all be recorded and shared for each of your activities. 

Skimble Trip Planner

Skimble's online tools also help you discover or plan different activities and trips. You can create your own trip and invite your friends or join one that someone else has already planned. Within each trip, members can post their updates, photos and videos or enable news feeds on the location or activity. The news feed will also pull in any Tweets about the subject or location of the particular trip. 

You can send in the record of your daily activities to Skimble via the newly released iPhone app, by text message or sending a Tweet to Skimble in Twitter. All of your activity and trip information can be shared with your friends and family through Facebook or Twitter. 

I am thinking Skimble might be a great way for our Twitter team #tpup to track our pullup progress and help motivate each other. 

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