Get The Whole Family Outdoors With Geomate.jr

Geomate.jr GPS Device  

GPS device from Apisphere provides everything thing you and your family need, right out of the box, to head out on your first geocaching adventure. This fun, easy to use handheld device is an affordable and simple way to get your kids outdoors and introduce them to the geocaching concept. 

The Geomate.jr GPS device comes preloaded with over 250,000 geocaches covering the entire U.S. Simply turn on the device and the arrow and distance on the screen will help navigate you to the closest geocache. Once you have found that cache, hit the "Next" button and you will be directed to the next closest cache. 

The Geomate.jr gives you not only geocache location information but other clues such as size, terrain, difficulty rating on how well the cache hidden and ID code for each one. A visit log allows you to mark and keep track of all the geocaches you found on your adventure and review them later. 

With regular GPS functionality included, the Geomate.jr can display compass heading, latitude, longitude and elevation. You can set a "home" waypoint so that any member of the family can find their way back after they have finished geocaching for the day. 

A separate update kit allows you to add all the newest caches logged in the database to your Geomate.jr as well as personalize your settings. The GPS device is powered by 2 AAA batteries and will last up to 12 hours of continuous use. 

GPS device retails for $69.85 with the
Update Kit
for $24.95.

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