Source WLP Low Profile Hydration Reservoir

Israeli company Source has been around for 20 years but made their US debut at Outdoor Retailer this summer. Makers of hydration bladders, hydration packs and sports sandals, Source is introducing a new, low profile hydration reservoir for Spring 2011. 

Similar to the new CamelBak Antidote hydration reservoir, Source has solved the problem of ballooning by creating a cutout in the center of the WLP low profile hydration reservoir. Carrying 1.5 liters, the bladder maintains a constant thickness, even while being carried upright. Gravity will not affect the WLP hydration bladder, keeping your center of gravity close and reducing the weight effect while running, biking or hiking.

Source is famous for their Glass-Like liner technology that prevents bio-film buildup or bacteria from forming on the surface of the reservoir. Bacteria normally looks for a rough surface to grow on and with Glass-Like film being 1000% smoother than normal PU film, bacteria growth is inhibited and the hydration reservoir becomes self cleaning. 

The Widepac Pro slide closure makes for easy filling, cleaning, ice insertion and draining. New for Spring 2011, however, is the Universal Tap Adapter (UTA) accessory. The UTA lets you fill your hydration bladder directly through the tube either from a water bottle or tap without ever taking your hydration pack off of your back. 

You can buy the Source WLP low profile hydration reservoir separately or look for it in the future line of The North Face technical hydration packs geared towards biking, running and hiking. 

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