Eligo Spile Dual Hydration System

Eligo Spile

Hydration reservoirs make it really easy to carry plenty of water with you on epic adventures and ensure you drink regularly. The only downside – what if you want to drink an electrolyte mix throughout the day as well? Either you have to carry a separate bottle, or you have to completely fill your reservoir with the mix, something that is not exactly fun to clean out at the end of the day. The Eligo Spile dual hydration system enables you to choose between your specific hydration needs at any time during your activity.

In perhaps a more elegant design than the Mazama Dualocity Dual Reservoir, the Eligo Spile is a standard looking quick connect hydration hose with a bite valve that features an electrolyte cartridge attachment at the back. Simply bite in the front of the valve to drink just water. Bite at the back on the valve, and you are delivered a combination of water and electrolyte solution.

The base of the electrolyte cartridge easily attaches to the bite valve with a simple 1/4 turn, while the top wraps around your hydration tube. To puncture the cartridge and start delivering solution, simply depress the plastic circular part at the front of the bite valve. Each electrolyte cartridge is good for the equivalent of 1 liter of solution.

The Eligo Spile bite valve retails for $48.95 and comes with one electrolyte cartridge. You can choose between lemon lime, mixed berry, and orange flavors. A box of 8 cartridges retails for $20. A mighty bit steep given that the equivalent in Nuun hydration tabs will set you back around $8. Worth it to not have to carry an extra bottle or clean out your reservoir?

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