CamelBak Introduces Updated Line of Reservoirs

CamelBak Crux Reservoir

At Outdoor PressCamp in Utah this week, CamelBak unveiled their new line of reservoirs that deliver 20% more water with every sip, including a redesigned opening system that is easier to fill and close. The Crux reservoirs and Quick Stow soft flasks are joined by a great new line of packs and running gear that I’ll profile in another post.

Sometimes when you are biking or running, you need to take in a large dose of water quickly–sipping just won’t do. In order to give you 20% more water with each sip, CamelBak designed a larger diameter tube while using the same bite valve you have come to know and love.

Instead of having to line the cap up correctly before closing or opening, you can now quickly twist open or close the cap from any position. You will also be happy to hear the cap now folds away from the handle instead of towards you. The new ergonomic handle is super easy to hold with one hand while you fill, and ensures the reservoir stays wide open for a full filling and spill-free closing.

Similar to the Antidote reservoir, a baffle down the middle ensures a low profile and prevents too much sloshing around. On the self-sealing bite valve, CamelBak added a super intuitive on/off valve that visually shows you when the water is shut off or not.

All CamelBak reservoirs feature a Hydroguard antimicrobial technology that is built into the lining of the reservoir and tube. You don’t have to worry about it wearing off or leaching into your water, plus it is actually reactivated when you scrub your reservoir with soap and water.

The standard CamelBak Quick Link system makes it super easy to remove the reservoir from your pack–simply disconnect the drink tube and pull out the reservoir in order to clean or fill.

The new Crux reservoir comes in 4 different styles–a 1.5L and 3L standard reservoir, as well as a 1.5L and 3L lumbar reservoir to fit in a variety of pack styles.

I am also excited about the new Quick Stow Flasks that work with the new run products (more info soon) or can be used on their own. Holding 1/2L of water, the flasks use a rigid, large mouth opening for easy filling and a leak proof shut-off valve on the cap. The outside is embossed with a pattern so the flask won’t get slimy with condensation or sweat and volume indicators ensure you are drinking enough on your run.

The Quick Stow Flasks come in both an insulated and non-insulated version. There is also a straw adapter to replace the bite valve, great for use with the running vests.

The new CamelBak hydration products will start shipping in October.

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